Lawn Irrigation System Inspections

A lawn irrigation system saves you the time and hassle of watering your yard and gardens. When purchasing a home that includes this system, it’s recommended to have it inspected prior to purchasing to make sure that it functions as expected. The experts at AlamoThistle Inspections can add this inspection to our home, pre-listing, new construction & warranty, or commercial inspection at a reduced rate, or you can purchase it separately. Request a quote today for service in the Houston and San Antonio areas.

If the sprinkler system doesn’t work correctly, you may find higher than normal water bills or suffer damage to your home or property from leaks. Our irrigation system inspectors will do a thorough inspection and then issue a detailed, online report that you can use to negotiate your best deal. Once you’ve purchased the home, remember to evaluate the spray pattern and shut-off capability, making any necessary adjustments. If you live in an area that experiences below-freezing temperatures, be sure to have the water drained from the lines to avoid damage prior to the first freeze.


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Lawn Irrigation Inspectors Houston TX



What Does a Lawn Sprinkler Inspection Include?

At AlamoThistle Inspections, we take the utmost care in examining your property.

  • We inspect the system to confirm all required features are present.
  • We perform a function test to confirm all heads are operational and note any defect that may cause damage or waste water.
  • We visibly inspect the controllers, connections, sprinkler head locations, pressure differentials, drains, and sensors.

More Specialty Inspections

A sprinkler inspection is just one of our many specialty inspections. We offer a full menu of services that may be just what you need for the home you’re considering purchasing:

Your Property, Our Priority

At AlamoThistle Inspections, we consider the safety of you and your family to be our top priority. With decades of engineering and design experience in the oil and gas industry, AlamoThistle set out to provide an engineered approach to commercial and residential inspections. We are accustomed to working with extreme attention to detail and compliance with safety regulations and codes, and know what to look for when inspecting your home. Our inspectors use unbiased, professional opinions backed up by the facts of their detailed online reports will give you exactly what you need to negotiate your best deal or wait for a better one.


When lawn irrigation system inspections—or any other inspection—is at the top of your priority list, be sure to call AlamoThistle Inspections. Schedule now for the fastest service. We serve Houston, San Antonio, Sugar Land, New Braunfels, Katy, Richmond, and the surrounding areas.